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Hi, I’m Anna. I create beautiful, functional websites as well as branding or advertising that grabs the eye. Without delay book me for your next website and graphic design project.

Presently I’m based in Wellington. However, I work remotely so can take on any website and graphic design projects from anywhere in New Zealand or overseas

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I offer uniquely crafted website and graphic design services that are not only unique but also competitive. For instance, providing a friendly, skillful and down to earth design service where I am always at my client’s disposal. I will provide you with eye-catching designs for both print and online.  This will, as a matter of fact, take your business to a wider audience.

Being in the design industry for the most part of 15 years I have gained experience across the board within the design industry. Additionally, this means I can provide you with a complete website and graphic design package!

For the most part, businesses are realizing that hiring a design agency is costly and detached. For one thing, my service is tailored to your individual needs. I pride myself on offering the personalized service with the broad skill sets of a design agency, but without the agency price tag!

In conclusion, your website is the shopfront of your business as well the showcase of products or services you offer. It is for this reason, first impressions count. Let me help create engaging visuals for your business, whether it is for print or online use. Clients will not only remember your brand but also the competent image your business displays.

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Design Services I offer:

Responsive websites
Ecommerce websites
Business card, Letterhead, Stationery
Company profiles
Packaging & Labels
Promotional material
Flyers, Brochures & Posters
Facebook pages & covers
Online Adverts
Magazine/newspaper Adverts
Pull-up banners
Email signature
Other design work … please ask me

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In today’s fast-paced connected world, it is becoming increasingly crucial to either form part of the connected online public or otherwise falls by the wayside.  Moreover, the public are turning to online searching like Google for products or services they are interested in.

In short, your business needs an online presence like a website, Facebook page or social media account.  Consequently, without any of these, your business stands a greater chance of failing.  For one thing, gone are the days where a business can rely on printed flyers to drum up new business or gain exposure.

It is all about linking to people of same interest groups, building an audience and loyal customer following.  Your online presence must entice people to want to follow your business you share a new product or service as well as providing access to information you provide.

A picture surely has the power to convey a complex message faster than a line of text ever can. Because of this, it is going to be a crucial tactic for businesses to capture audiences in the near future.  The more your company brand stands out the easier people will remember it and likewise the longer they will keep it retained in memory.

To emphasize, why use a graphic designer like me?

Prepare your business for the future and of course, give your brand a boost. Equally important I will ensure that your message is consistent. Also, I will provide expertise and improve returns on your digital marketing. Let me assist in solving problems creatively not to mention inspire pride in your employees.

With so much to offer your business, it would be foolish not to use a graphic designer like me to get involved in the mix for the next project. In fact, as communication becomes more visual and graphic design becomes increasingly critical to success online, you’ll need to act quickly if you don’t want to be left behind.

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In conclusion

It can be said that graphic design is an effective medium for first, visual communication of a concept, second, an idea that has a purpose, third a message for the audience. The designer involves all the means that help in creating a visual message and likewise communicates it to the audience.  In today’s always-on world, the public is accosted daily with an overload of information.

Most successful businesses are already using graphic designers in order to simplify this chaotic landscape to its consumers. And when trying to eclipse your rivals, typically you need some key differentiators to set you apart, whether that’s pricing or customer service. But creativity can help a business stand out too. A company’s visual communications strategy serve many purposes and making the business unique should be front and center.